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San Diego State University The Metropolitan Museum of Art Analysis Paper

This assignment was locked May 24 at 11:59pm.

Most San Diego museums and galleries will be closed for at least a few more weeks if not months. In order to maintain the integrity of Principles of the Humanities and be certain that the course will transfer without question, the Museum Search is transitioning to a directed search with a virtual tour and film of The Metropolitan Museum of Art . . . one of the World’s greatest museums for art and culture.

First, introduce yourself through the Great Museums film about The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The primary focus of this project is to experience a formal gallery related to our study of the humanities through the arts. Spend approximately one hour exploring the Metropolitan Museum site starting with the The Med 360 Project (Links to an external site.), a series of short video tours featuring the Metropolitan Great Hall; the Met Cloisters; The Temple of Dendur; the Arms and Armor Galleries; and the Charles Engelhard Court.

After you have completed the six tours of these unique museum spaces and their contents, complete a scavenger hunt of the Metropolitan Museum art collection (Links to an external site.). Search for gems of the Metropolitan that reveal the qualities and characteristics asked for in the questions in first part of the scavenger hunt. Once you have been through the collection, you will have hopefully found at least one favorite work of art. Take time to get to know it well and then complete the project by describing, analyzing, and evaluating that work of art on the second page of the hunt, while showing off the terminology and vocabulary you have acquired during the term.

Report your experience on the form provided download and submit the project through this CANVAS assignment page. If you have any questions about the project, feel free to inquire.

Van Gogh Wheatfield with CypressesVan Gogh Wheatfield with Cypresses


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