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San Diego State University The Yugoslavian Experiment Questions

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Review the above videos, along with any other credible resources (please cite them), to answer each question below-minimum one paragraph per question:

  1. After WWII, what were the primary republics that made up Yugoslavia?
  2. Was it social, economic, and/or political similarities between the republics that facilitated uniting as one country?
  3. How was the Communist country of Yugoslavia different than other Communist countries such as China or the USSR? Did they experience similar large-scale death tolls in their pursuit of Communism? Why or why not?
  4. What major ethnic groups were present in Yugoslavia? Did some groups have more influence and numbers than others?
  5. What is “Social Ownership” and “Worker Self Management” and why did Yugoslavia opt for such a policy? Did this increase wages for workers? Where there any consequences to this enterprise form?
  6. What event, or events, mark the beginning of the end of the country of Yugoslavia?
  7. As the economy collapsed, prices increased, and government stimulus dried up, what reforms did the IMF place on Yugoslavia? Did this stabilize things? Why or why not?
  8. Based on the testimonial of the Croatian lady, what were the positive elements of Yugoslavian Socialism? What were the negatives?
  9. (OPINION) Based on your review of this Balkan history, do national boundaries appear static or dynamic over time? Are the characteristics that unify people into nations economic, social, and/or political? If the goal is stability which of these forces is the “best” way to unify people, that is should nations be grounded in culture, ethnicity, religion, race, economic policies, political leaders, or something else? If the goal is economic prosperity which is “best”? What criteria would you prefer to use if building a new nation, think about the characteristics that matter most to you in terms of creating a stable and prosperous society?


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