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Sandford University AI Product and Robotics Presentation

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  1. Each student will pick two robotic/artificial intelligence products currently on the market. (Look at the PPT and the Discussions for this week for some ideas.) You should look for products that can either be seen in a local store or viewed online in a demo or customer video. After picking the robots/artificial intelligence products, you will create a short series of PPT slides that include your answers to the questions below. The responses to each applicable discussion question should be well thought out …I am looking for quality responses.
  2. The PPT also must include links to demos for each product.
  3. **Hint – one product may be more truly robotic where the second may be more AI! This will give you a good dynamic to discuss in the review. How do the two differ? How are they similar? You should have a conclusion that discussed this!


  1. Give a brief synopsis of the product including manufacturer, original creation and for sale date, current retailers, approximate price, etc.
  1. How functional is this product? What are its uses? Does it serve a practical purpose? Is it for entertainment?
  1. What are the product’s most distinguishing features?
  1. What sets this product apart from the competition?
  1. Are there any negative comments about this product? Things that need to be improved on?
  1. What age group is this product targeting?

7. Is this targeting a certain gender? If so which one?

  1. How much experience do you need to operate the product? How much time does it take to learn how to operate this product? Does this vary by age and/or experience and/or comfort level?
  1. Is this a product people are scared of (its features, functions or capabilities)?
  1. Think outside the box. Become an inventor and improve this product. How could/would you improve this product to add functionality? What additional features and functions would you like to see in the next release?
  1. Does this product have robotic components? What are they?
  1. Does this product utilize AI functionality? What/how? Explain?
  1. Do you feel the product is a good balance of robotics and AI or could be enhanced by adding more of one or the other or both? Which? Why? Explain and elaborate how this would benefit the product and the user’s outcome!


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