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Santa Barbara City College History Women and the Civil War Essay

Hi I need a 6 page final essay about Women during the civil war, and their roles.

I. Introduction:

  • “hook” your reader
  • give a brief overview of the theme and question, explaining why it matters
  • clearly state your thesis

II. Body:

logically organize the key evidence that supports your thesis (explain to your reader how you arrived at your answer/argument)

*Tips on presenting evidence:

  • Explain if a better understanding of the time period (zooming in/out, more context) helped you arrive at your argument.
  • Explain if a comparison to other events/times/places helped you arrive at your argument.
  • Explain if you arrived at your argument by testing generalizations and assumptions made by other historians—did you re-categorize, ask “why” when no one else did, etc….
  • If you are making a new claim, explain how the work of other historians was lacking; if you are using another historian’s claim, explain why their particular claim is more convincing to you than the arguments presented by other scholars.

III. Conclusion:

Restate your thesis, but using stronger more complex description that can only be understood by the reader now that they have all of the evidence.

Stage 4: Requirements for Final Draft

  • 5 sources total (these must be scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. If in doubt, check with me. You may use additional sources beyond these 5 if it useful for your paper. Your textbook and Course Reader articles do not count towards the required 5 sources.)
  • 6-8 pages (this does not include the title page or bibliography); the formatting needs to be Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double spaced; standard 1 inch margins
  • Please do not use block quotations—this is a short paper, and you should not be quoting anything that extensively. Paraphrase more than you quote.
  • Academic Citations: use whatever academic format you are comfortable with. MLA, APA and Chicago (also known as Turabian) are the most familiar and straightforward. Of course include a proper bibliography. You need to pay careful and considerable homage to the source of your knowledge; even when it’s just an “idea” and not specific words that you are borrowing from another scholar, give credit where it is due.


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