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Santa Monica College Cybersecurity Social Media Usage and Government Discussion

Part 1

In a few short paragraphs or less, share your thoughts on this week’s reading. You could share a new insight, likes, dislikes, disagreements with the author, etc. This should NOT be a synopsis of the reading. You must also post a comment/reply on a classmate’s post. this should be on chapter 11 of Information systems Version 8 By John Gallaugher 2019 (must have this exact book)

Part 2

Review this weeks headlines for stores related to IT and choose one. Look for stories that you find interesting or have strong feelings about. must be a recent article and IT related. please make is simple easy to and clear to understand Post a link to your story and brief description of the article and why you believe it’s a good ITSoW here.

Part 3

After watching the video below, how do you feel about Facebook allowing third-party databases to be used for ad targeting on the firm’s site? Does this concern you? Why or why not? What is the upside and potential downside for Facebook, advertisers, and users for this sort of targeting?

Part 4

Over the past few years there has been much discussion of the liability of big tech firms like Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks for user’s content on their platform.  Objectionable information includes live stream video of suicides, political misinformation, and hate speech/threats.  Do a bit of research on this topic and share your thoughts on the following:

  1. Should private companies like these be liable for the content users post? (This implies the host firm would be liable for legal action from any possible damage from the content).  Why or why not?
  2. Should the government provide guidance to more clearly define what is, and is not, in the public interests in regards to these topics?  Why or why not?



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