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Santa Monica College Early Marriage Interview Questions

develop a list of 20 questions, on page 1, that they feel are vitally important to ask before marriage. This list of questions will be developed from course materials and real-life situations and will be all of page one of the assignment. Topics should include intimacy, sex, money, children, house work, power, decision making and more. Each question should have depth and complexity and should try to understand multiple parts of the relationship. Make sure to number them 1-20. The remainder of the pages will be double spaced and 12 pt. size font.

interview 3 couples, showing them your list of 20 questions, and asking them if they discussed these things. You will take notes when you get their responses, but you will only need to summarize, not write down their answers word for word. You need to be safe when interviewing during the time of COVID. Please consider doing these interviews using social distancing, via phone or video call, or through email.

Pages 2-4 will be the summarization of the 3 interviews of the couples. This section is worth the largest portion of your grade. First, list their first names, ages, and years together. Ask them if they discussed the topics in your questions before marriage, or if they are not married, if they have discussed any of the topics in the process of deciding to marry. If they missed asking each other these questions, do they wish they had discussed them? Write, in paragraph format (not writing the question, then the answer) and make sure to address several of the answers to the questions here.

The last page of your assignment will be to describe an observation of ONE of the couples that you interview. When using video calling, or socially distant observations, you can watch the couple’s interactions and describe them (see below).

Keep this part to 1 page in length. Use this page to describe your observations objectively (what they are doing: sitting together, holding hands, making eye contact, answering for one another, etc.) and what you think that means subjectively (what you make of this, if they are holding hands, and sitting close, does this mean they are more in love than a couple who are doing their own thing, or yelling from the kitchen?) Would you want to have a relationship like the one you observed? Is it possible to love different people in romantic relationships in different ways?


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