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Saudi Electronic University Design Sprint Presentation

There are 5 required changes to an existing project as per the reviewer feedback that must addressed which are as follows: 

1) Stickies are sorted into related groups.

Duplicate stickies from the student deck should also go into the same group.

Good attempt. The task helps you to classify the stickies into themes and groups. You are required to use the stickies you created in the slide and the existing ones in this task. Then come up with groups from stickies that have commonality and themes that are aligned towards goals.

2) Selected theme directly aligns with business opportunity and objective.

The data on this slide depends on the themes you decide in the immediate previous slide. You are tasked to select one of those themes and provide a rationale why that slide was selected.

Make sure that your rationale is tied to business opportunity and objective.


  • includes at least 7 frames that progress in a logical order and included all the steps the user goes through to solve their problem / need
    • The first frame should start outside of software and set context around what problem/need the user has and why
    • The last frame should end outside of software and show the resolution, as well as the impact on the user
  • At least 4 frames should be related to the digital experience
  • Each frame should have a narrative that explains what the user is doing and when.


should include at least 6 screens

Prototype should feel realistic

Can leverage UI elements from Apple & GoogleText 

makes sense from a user perspective

All screens flow correctly, forward and backward (if applicable)

Please attach the correct link to the prototype. The existing link directs to a PDF file with storyboarding content.

Ensure that the prototype meets the rubrik criteria.


  • Detailed requirements added for the feature narrative section of the PRD
  • Each feature should be given a priority (P0, P1, P2, etc)
  • Requirements should be detailed enough that you can understand how the feature works and how the user interacts with the product.

This is the second project which linked to firs project which shll be share along with all related files.

This project and the previous project is based on the flowing topic:

Kaiser Permanente is looking to enter into the preventative care space to help their patient base increase physical activity and improve on healthy habits. While the overall goal is improved patient satisfaction and well being, the specific financial goal is reduced cost by emphasizing improved health prior to any adverse conditions developing. Overall, KP wants to decrease spending on conditions such as type 2 diabetes.
Your team is tasked with researching the potential costs, features and benefits of a mobile application that communicates with KP patients and helps them improve on healthy habits.

it should be like what dose it look as an app in your phone,

for example, what is the home screen looks like and what are the other screens that you will have displayed such the screen that will track your daily workouts or your Blood sugar and pressure levels or the screen that will display what is your workout plan or the screen that will display your connection with other users or screen will display the support section or the sign up screen ….

But must follow the below criteria:

Design a Prototype using Figma

  • Prototype should include at least 6 screens
  • Prototype should feel realistic
    • Can leverage UI elements from Apple & Google
  • Text makes sense from a user perspective
  • All screens flow correctly, forward and backward (if applicable) 


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