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Saudi Electronic University Industry 4.0 and Supply Chain Discussion

Supply Chain 4.0 – the next-generation digital supply chain

Briefly summarize what do you understand by industry 4.0 and Supply chain requirements for SCM 4.0.

What does industry 4.0 mean to supply chain. What we have achieved and what are the future requirements.

Find out how Supply Chain 4.0 will make your organization faster, more flexible, more accurate, and more efficient.

Discuss, How Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has placed Supply chain and Logistics in Vision 2030?

Total Number of Words(2 Posts) : 200 to 250 Words

  • Maximum number of post allowed for a student for the topic is three.
  • Week wise activity for the discussion:

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ndustry 4.0 and Supply chain

Industry 4.0 was envisioned to spot the 4th industrial revolution in supply chain management. It is required to emphasize the machine’s global network in SCM 4.0 in a shrewd factory setting that can exchange information autonomously. The supply chain is required to possess 4 C’s which are; Coordinated, collaborative, communicative and cooperative configurations in supply operations (Are et al…, 2017).

Achievements of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 means redefining the traditional supply, production and manufacturing activities. The industry has achieved a more automated, digitized, efficient and agile operations. The future requirement of the industry 4.0 revolution is the recognition of enhanced real-time communication, seamless integration and virtual reality in SCM.

Impacts of Supply Chain 4.0

The supply chain 4.0 accuracy is through the involvement of many suppliers working in the company’s supply chain ecosystem. The flexibility and efficiency involve maximized collaboration and interconnectedness and the presence of an “intelligent” supply chain (Chen et al…, 2019).

Saudi Arabia Placement of Logistics and Supply Chain

The kingdom has made a heavy investment within its economic projects of vision 2030. It is launching digital platforms in the supply chain and continued development of logistics and industrial sector focusing on the industry 4.0 (Alyoubi, 2021 


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