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Saudi Electronic University Ways to Use Anxiety Positively Article Review

First, you will read an article of your choice that was published at (Links to an external site.) from July 2021 through today (article must have been published within this window of time!). You must provide the URL/link to your article at the bottom of your paper so it can be verified. The article you pick is up to you, so read several to find an article you are interested in it, and that you feel you understand well, and feel is suitable to answering my questions below. After selecting your article, you will then write your paper. Your paper must be at least 650 words in length, excluding titles, headings, your name etc (only real content counts!), and no longer than 1300 words in length. Set the margins to 1 inch on all sides, and make it times new roman 12 point font with double spacing (basic APA style). If the paper does not meet those guidelines, you will lose points! Please make sure everything for this is assignment is in your own words (see below regarding plagiarism) – Canvas, via the turnitin software (as well as myself) will be checking this for plagiarism (turnitin indexes all papers ever submitted through turnitin, as well as everything google indexes and most scholarly journal articles)! If in doubt, ask me or put it in quotes with a citation (anything you take directly from an outside source, the textbook, my notes or your article needs to be in quotes with a cite)For this paper, you will write out your responses to these following questions:

  1. Discuss what you found most interesting in the article you read, and why.
  2. Discuss what you felt was the most important take-away message from the article, and why you feel this way.
  3. What specific theory (e.g., be more specific than just saying “memory”) do you feel this article is most related to from our course so far? Explain why you feel it is connected.
  4. What is a 2nd specific theory from the course that you feel this article is most related to (and explain why you see this connection)?
  5. What aspect of the article did you feel has the most applicability to a college freshman? Why
  6. Not a question, but make sure to include the URB/weblink for your article (and make sure it is published from July 2021 – today!)


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