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School of Visual Arts Limiting the Number of Immigrants in The USA Essay


Answer ONLY TWO questions. Pick TWO questions blow. Your answers TOGETHER must be no less than 1500 words and no more than 2000 words not include citations. MLA format. Please cited the references you use, make a citation page. If you use any words and quotes online or the course readings attached below, please cited them, it’s about plagiarism. Some course readings attached below, please use them as a reference

Please remember it’s a two separate question essays.

Question 1

Consider this comment:

“U.S. immigration policy, from the start, has been based primarily on national self-interest, whether defined in economic, security or demographic terms. What is missing is an ethical dimension that asks whether a particular policy is the right thing to do.”

Do you agree with the description of U.S. law and policy—that it has been primarily based on notions of national self-interest? To what extent do you believe that current policy falls short on ethical grounds? Provide three examples drawn from the readings or class discussion.

Question 2

U.S. immigration law imposes numerical limits on various categories for admission to the United States as a permanent resident, including categories for some relatives of US citizens, immediate family members of permanent residents, employment-based visas, diversity visas and refugee admissions. More people would like to immigrate to the United States each year than these limits permit. Should there be any limits on the number of persons who can enter under these categories? If so, do the current numerical limits need adjustment (either up or down)?

Question 3

Naomi Paik, in the article assigned for class, writes:

“Beyond its grounded interventions of non-cooperation and safe harbour, sanctuary already performs conceptual work that can undermine the criminalization of migrants and other vulnerable peoples. Whether through official policies or popular struggle, sanctuary seeks to secure local commitments to all people living in a given community, thereby enacting a notion of citizenship that is not beholden to the sovereignty of the nation-state.”

Please comment. What would citizenship “not beholden to the sovereignty of the nation-state” look like? What would immigration law, and enforcement of immigration law, look like in such a world? Do you support such a notion of citizenship? Why or why not?

Question 4

Apprehensions at the U.S. southwest border of persons entering without authorization have risen dramatically over the past several months, leading politicians and the press to label the situation a “crisis.” President Biden has announced an end to the “Migrant Protection Protocols” (“remain in Mexico” policy) and has pledged to undertake efforts to ameliorate the “root causes” of undocumented migration to the United States. But he has kept in place the Trump Administration’s COVID regulations that provide for the “expulsion” of all persons arriving at the border without proper documentation (Biden has made an exception for unaccompanied non-citizen children), and he has sought assistance from the governments of Mexico and Central American countries in preventing the flow of migrants moving north. What set of policies would you recommend regarding Central American migrants?


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