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School Vouchers Academic Institutions & Standards of Accountability Essay

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This assignment serves the purpose of getting you to critically and factually respond in brief format to a specific critical debate within our democracy; school vouchers. I have provided a number of sources from which to draw but you may also use your own in developing your responses. These sources can be cited, but cannot count toward your overall required number of sources in the paper. The provided sources are a good starting point for building your initial knowledge of the topic as well as your awareness of what good resources “look like.”

To successfully complete your submission, make sure your paper meets all the following:

  • Submit the assignment as a Word Document.
  • Submit to Drop Box in D2L in the Thought Paper Assignment Tab when complete.
  • Use standard margins on your pages (you shouldn’t have to change anything when you open up Word).
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman Font.
  • Have a heading with your name, the date, and the course information in the top LEFT corner.
  • Double space the body of your paper (not the heading and title).
  • Use parenthetical citations of information taken from sources within the body of your paper.
  • Final paper must be between 800 and 1,000 words (any more or less will result in the reduction of the final score by a letter grade).
  • Have at least three academically sound sources (like major national newspapers, peer-reviewed journal articles, or scholarly research) that are not the samples I have provided for you.
  • Include a pro/con data table.
  • Make sure no more than 20% of your paper may be taken from other sources. If your TurnItIn percentage crosses this, you will automatically lose a letter grade.


  • Use in-text parenthetical citations within the document when you are quoting or using information from a source.
  • Include a Works Cited (MLA) or Reference List (Chicago Style author-date citations), on a separate page at the end of the paper.
  • Citations do not count toward your overall word count.

NOTE: None of the articles I have given you may be counted as a source for your paper. Also, this paper is 15% of my overall class grade.


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