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Scope Statement Work Breakdown Structure Exercise

Scope Statement and WBS with Activity List Exercise

Instructions for this exercise are provided within the attached exercise template. Instructions: Continuing to use the Week 2 Business Case project exercise this week will require you to complete a scope statement similar to Exhibit 7.4 on page 219 of the textbook. Do not mimic the items provided in the Exhibit; you must identify those specific to your project.

Copy and paste the Business Case you completed on Week 2 into the section below.

Draft a two or three-sentence scope description for this project.

Provide six (6) key deliverables that are required to consider the project to have been completed successfully. Then state what the Acceptance Criteria entails to consider these Key Deliverables completed. Deliverables and Acceptance Criteria need to follow SMART criteria. That means that these need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. This exercise only needs to identify six (6) of the potential Deliverables needed in the project. It does not mean identifying six (6) deliverables to complete the whole project. These Deliverables will be utilized to create a future WBS with Activity List. So again, be specific and utilize SMART criteria. 

As an example, if your project was to build a wooden fence around afield then one of your Key Deliverables would be: Install Fence Posts. The Acceptance Criteria could be: Five-foot fence posts have been installed every eight feet around the field. Posts are properly secured in concrete and plumb. (This could be more specific but this is sufficient for the exercise).

The final step of this section will to be to define and identify Exclusions, Constraints, and Assumptions. First, briefly define what these concepts are utilizing material from the weekly reading (textbook) in support of creating your definition. Then identify these items within the scope of your project and explain why these elements have been identified.

News source (APA reference): (2021). Retrieved 4 July 2021, from…

Web address:

City: Sacramento

Elevator Pitch (100 words exactly): Fresno County is one of the most populated counties on California and for the working class people good and fast and affordable transportation is a basic requirement of their daily routine. And this project is all about providing high speed affordable rail between Fresno County and San Joaquin Valley, which will almost affect the lives of 900,000 Californian residents. But this seven years old project affecting people from 5 counties and thousands of construction workers, hit a snag because budget deficiency. Out of 262.6$ billion statewide transportation budgets not even 4$ billion were allocated to this bullet train project. This project will provide a 520-mile route for electrified trains to run between San Francisco and Los Angeles by way of Fresno and the Valley. Fund of 9.9$ billion is required to keep this project going and shortage of funding might force this project to shut down (Sheehan, 2021). 


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