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SCSU Why iPhone is better than Samsung Argumentative Essay

MA #3: Argumentative Essay


One of the primary functions of a traditional college education is to prepare students to promote and 

defend their choices.  

Throughout this class we have analyzed rhetorical situations-why and how someone creates a 

piece of communication and how these choices have affected audiences. We have also analyzed 

and produced documents relying on the five senses, which is another rhetorical tool.

This project is designed to help you 1. sharpen your research skills, 2. use logic and apply 

classical and modern rhetorical concepts like the three rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, and 

pathos), 3. demonstrate your writing skills, and 4. anticipate objections.

Now it is your turn to use the skills you have learned to create a researched argument.  Write an 

essay in which you state your point of view, and defend it while incorporating ethos (credibility),

pathos (emotional appeal), and logos (logical appeal).  You will also be utilizing different modes 

of writing in this paper: narration, description, definition, argumentation, etc. 

Remember that a strong argument not only proves the author’s point, but acknowledges differing

viewpoints, so you will need to analyze multiple sides of the topic. This should be a fair and 

balanced argument. A strong argument also utilizes credible sources to strengthen your point of 

view.  Remember that not everyone will be familiar with your topic, so you must explain the 

issue to your audience. Use the chapters in your text on “Ch. 13 Arguments”                                 

and “Using Sources in Your Writing,” class discussions, and notes to guide you.

Audience: Your Audience for this paper will be a group called the Undergraduate Student Scholars of America. Each year this group publishes a journal called Undergraduate Scholars that contains well-written, carefully researched, and thought-provoking papers from current undergraduate scholars.

Point of View: Though you may include personal experience and personal pronouns for persuasive effect, this paper will not be written in the first person.

General Purpose: To help readers understand the topic/issue and persuade them to seriously

consider your position


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