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SDSU American Women Played a Vigorous Leadership Role Discussion

Can you please just do a response to this persons discussion post following the guidelines below. 

The Students discussion is: 

American women played an active leadership role in progressive era reforms because they were able to cohesively, and successfully, form the Hull House where women would focus on, and positively impact, current social needs of their community such as daycare and labor laws. Many women during this time did not want to live the restrictive lifestyle that the Victorian women before them had lived, and as a result these middle class, college educated women started working outside of the home. The Hull House was created as a space for women to be able to work, live and support each other for most of their family and social needs. The more these women worked, the more social issues came to light, including working conditions for women and children. The like minded women would return to the Hull House with their problems, express their concerns and take action on their solution. Florence Kelly’s advocacy helped pass regulations on the number of hours women and children could work, which changed countless lives and helped gain notoriety for the Hull House’s growth and impact during this time. The “Hull House had become a gathering place in the city for those interested in seeking solutions to problems caused by rapid industrialization” (Johnson, ‘WHH’, 10:08). The combination of more women in the workplace and the progressive era reforms, gave women of the Hull House, like co-founder Ellen Gates Starr, the platform needed to be a leader and give women the voice that had been suppressed for so long. “Women began to define and speak for their special concerns and as they created new disciplines and emerged into a wider public life”(Johnson, ‘WHH’, 26:25). These American women of The Hull House were pioneers in social reform and their empowerment to seek change endowed them with a sense of morality, duty, and responsibility.

The original question they answered just in case you want to know was: Based on the available evidence, why did American women play such active leadership roles in Progressive Era reforms? 

  • Compose a thoughtful and respectful response to ONE of the discussion threads created by other students. 
  • Begin your response with a clear thesis statement that responds directly the post AND to the original question, AND establishes a plausible line of argument to support this claim. 
  • Next, develop at least ONE concrete example to support your argument, drawing from the assigned course materials. This must be a different example than the ones you cited in your own discussion post.
  • Please cite each of your sources using a simple parenthetical citation form, including author’s last name, abbreviated title, and page. E.g.: (Davidson and Lytle, ‘View from the Bottom Rail,’ 275), or (D&L, ‘VftBR,’ 275).
  • Responses must be at least 100 words in length. Please use full sentences. 
  • file:///Users/hozanabdi/Downloads/H110%20Women%20of%20Hull%20House-1%20(1).pdf


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