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SDSU Fitness Sleepiness Test Interpretation and Behavior Contract Discussion

1. Take the National Sleep Foundation Sleepiness Test (see: (Links to an external site.) ). After completing this survey, compare your typical sleep pattern to the sleep recommendations in Figure 1.4 – Sleep duration recommendations (page 15 in chapter 1 of textbook). Provide a brief overview of your current sleep habits and indicate whether your sleep habits seem to be ‘okay’ or whether you need to make some modifications. If you need to make some modifications in your sleep habits, identify two strategies that you can adopt.

Please submit a one-page summary of your sleep assessment habits from the sleep survey [WebMD] and begin to determine whether your sleep is within the guidelines for your age and what steps you can take to improve your sleep patterns. Make sure to refer to Chapter 1 — Figure 1.4 to identify recommended sleep for a person of your age.

2. Take the Barriers to Exercise quiz from the Harvard Health Letter [Harvard Medical School] by clicking on the attachment below — Harvard Health Letter: Barriers to Physical Activity Quiz. Once you have completed the quiz, you can get a better assessment of your preferences, habits, and possible areas for activity improvement. The quiz requires that you take your results for the first 3 “numbered” questions [X + X + XX] and sum them; THEN, take the next 3 questions and sum them — there are 7 areas identified in this quiz that affords you a brief ‘scoring’ of your responses and where you are relative to physical activity. Below this section are various suggestions for overcoming physical inactivity — similar to those presented in your textbook. FROM THIS …. examine your personalized results and begin to develop a behavior contract related to increase your level of physical activity (see an example on pg 75, figure 4.4).


After taking the quiz from Harvard Health Letter (from above activity) and “scoring” your results from the quiz, examine your results and begin to develop a behavior contract related to increasing your level of physical activity (see an example on pg 75, figure 4.4).

Please submit a one-page summary of your your own behavior contract to improve/increase your level of physical activity…identifying what your current level of behavioral engagement is for physical activity and ‘where’ you will begin to make changes and ‘contract’ with yourself to improve your exercise/physical activity.

3. You can choose the fitness assessment that you would like to perform — either the One-Mile Rockport Walk Test or the 1.5 Run Test. From this fitness assessment, I would like for you to write up each of the parameters that you collected, calculate your Aerobic Fitness (expressed as ml/kg/min),and compare results to normative tables (see pgs 82-86). Please identify your calculations, as well as how you interpret your calculated Aerobic Capacity, using Table 5.1 in the chapter (p. 83).


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