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SDSU The Influence of Gender & Stage of Life on Social Media Use Analysis

Activity #8 (Chapter 12 Factorial Design)

Design a 2 x 4 study

  1. Give the study a title (1 pt)
  2. What is your hypothesis? (2 pts)
  3. Describe your independent variables (what are they are and what are their levels/groups) (2 pts)
  4. How many total groups do you have and what are they? (2 pts)
  5. What is your dependent variable? (1 pt)
  6. Provide an example of a main effect and an example of an interaction (2 pts)

Example of a 2 x 3 (I can’t make it too easy and give you a 2 x 4 example!).

Do not use the same independent or dependent variables that are in this example

  1. The Effects of Diet and Exercise on Weight Loss

Be sure to list the “2” variable first (diet) and the “3” variable second (exercise)

  1. It is hypothesized that those who are on a 1000 calorie diet and exercise 4 hours a day for a month will lose more weight than those who are not on a diet and exercise either 1 hour or 2 hours a day
  2. First independent variable = diet (2 levels: Group 1= no diet; Group 2= 1000 calories a day for 1 month)

Second independent variable = exercise (3 levels: Group 1= exercise 1 hr per day for a month; Group 2 = exercise 2 hrs per day for a month; Group 3 = exercise 4 hrs a day for a month)

  1. 6 total groups

1. No diet/exercise 1 hr a day for 1 month

2. No diet/exercise 2 hrs a day for 1 month

3. No diet/exercise 4 hrs a day for 1 month

4. 1000 cal a day for a month/exercise 1 hr a day for 1 month

5. 1000 cal a day for a month/exercise 2 hrs a day for 1 month

6. 1000 cal a day for a month/exercise 4 hrs a day for 1 month

  1. Weight loss after 1 month
  2. Main effect: Those on a diet lost more weight than those not on a diet

Interaction: Subjects who were on a 1000 calorie a day diet and exercised 4 hours a day lost the most weight


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