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Seafood Processing UAB Norvelita Company Profile Paper

Provide a summary of the company that you are taking an internship, its industry, its customer and suppliers (1-2 pages).

  • Do a google search. Look at the company website. Explain what the company is, how it came to be. What it does and what your branch is about. The explanation should should be a funnel approach starting from the organization as a whole world/nationwide and coming down to your department and what you do.

About the Company “UAB Norvelita”:

UAB Norvelita of Lithuania and Norway is one of the largest and largest fish processing companies in Lithuania with 25 years of operation this year. The company specializes in the production of salmon fish products, most of which are destined for the foreign market. Every year, the company processes about 25,000 tons of Atlantic salmon imported from Norway, Scotland, Iceland and 800 tons of wild salmon imported from Alaska, USA.

95% of all salmon products produced are exported abroad. Production of exported salmon products according to the specifications of private labels (“Private Label”) or customer “Brands” (brand) of retail chains.

Exported products occupy a leading position in such countries as Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, the Baltic States and others. in major retail chains such as ALDI, LIDL, EDEKA, REWE, EUROSPIN, COLRUYT, AUCHAN, METRO, MAXIMA, RIMI and more. The products are also available to wholesale and HORECA customers. Lithuanian and Norwegian private limited company “Norvelita” is a sustainable, socially responsible, highly dynamic, challenging salmon fish processing company, which has created over 700 stable jobs. The company has processes for cutting, maturing, smoking, cutting and packaging waste salmon fish raw materials. continuous investment in sustainable production, modernization of equipment, laboratory equipment and research, staff training to satisfy the most expressive customers and needs, and ensuring the highest product quality. Operation of the company, consistent product quality, international food safety and traceability chain standards IFS, ASC, MSC, Global GAP, Organic Production – Private second-party audits of foreign clients – Top products for foreign markets and successive awards – Stifftung WarenTest – Germany, DLG – Germany, Bestseller Award – Germany, SAPORE DELL ‘ANNO – Tai alija , Gambero Rosso – Italy).


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