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Service Oriented Systems Integration Design Solution Paper

1st. Provide a detailed description of systems integration problem for a specific organization. Integration problem and organization can be real or fictitious. The integration problem should be complex enough to warrant utilization of advanced service integration technologies. The problem must involve more than three applications and five interactions among them. Here are some integration problem examples from Enterprise Integration Patterns book:

View the Enterprise Integration Patterns Loan Broker System Management

View the Enterprise Integration Patterns Case Study: Bond Trading System

View the Enterprise Integration Patterns Solving Integration Problems using Patterns (see Widget-Gadget Corp example)


Provide preliminary analysis and design for the identified systems integration problem. This preliminary solution should contain a conceptual service-oriented architecture design, depicting different service components along with existing applications/systems and interactions among these components. Provide detailed description for each component and interaction. For example, provide details on the application modules involved within a service component and existing application/system; whether a service component is atomic service or composed services; details of messages and documents exchanged between components; application programing interface details; data exchange format details; user interface details; service client interface details; and utilizationof protocols and standards. Provide example scenarios and use cases to demonstrate the actual usage of your solution.


Provide a detailed design solution and implementation plan for the identified systems integration problem. Discuss assumptions made to analyze the problem and design the solution. Justify your assumptions, design decisions, and solutions adopted. Justify why you made such decisions and why they make sense. Provide a detailed plan to implement a designed solution along with details of service-oriented frameworks, platforms, servers, orchestration engines, etc. Discuss the feasibility of the implementation plan. Provide recommended products that will be used for the implementation. Provide comparative feature set evaluation of similar products to justify your selection. Discuss shortcomings of the solution developed and how it could be improved.

Remember # 3 only implementation plan

Finally write a report regarding all parts following the rubric attached


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