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SEU Business Justification for Managing HR in A Professional Manner Essay

research into how HR supports organisational performance. 

For task 4, you will need to access an article HRM MODULE 1 – Article for Review 5HRF Part B_.pdf), that discusses 3 organisations, and how their HR practices link with positive organisational outcomes.

You are required to research and write-up your findings covering the sections below:

1-Provide a brief business justification for managing HR in a professional, ethical and just manner (AC1.3) (approx 100 words)

2-Explain how these have evolved/are evolving in contemporary organisations. (AC1.2) (approx 200 words)  

3-Give examples of the main organisational objectives that the HR function is responsible for delivering. (AC1.1) (approx 200 words)

4-Give a brief summary of two different ways HR objectives can be delivered in organisations. (AC1.1) (approx 250 words)

5- Analyse how the HR function varies between organisations in  different sectors and of different sizes. (AC2.2) You should examine  three of the following types of organisation.  1. A public authority  (Government Sector) 2. A national private company 3. An SME 4. A  voluntary (Third Sector) organisation (approx 250 words)

6-Discuss the main criteria and methods used to evaluate the  contribution of the HR function (AC3.1)   Your response should consider  (briefly) the following: 1. HR metrics used to evaluate HR function  contribution 2. SLA’s and KPI’s 3. Staff surveys 4. Benchmarking with  other organisations 5. Return on Investment (ROI) 6. How a ‘balanced  scorecard and/or ‘HR dashboard’ might be used to present HR metrics  (approx 500 words)

7-With reference to the article you have accessed from Online Services, what are the key messages from the report? (AC4.1) (approx 150 words)

8-How convincing do you think these findings are and why? (AC4.1) (approx 150 words)

9-From your understanding of the findings in the report, how can  high performance working and investment in people impact on  organisational   performance? (AC4.2) (approx 200 words) 

10- ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Please also comment on how you will transfer the new knowledge and skills gained during this assignment into working practices. You may also use this reflection for your CPD. (approx 200 words).


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