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SEU My Internship in Accounting Department at Arch Trading Academic Report

Academic Report (Co-op)

The student shall be required to compile a final report in English language in accordance with the report template provided. The report must include an overview of the training organization, the training procedures, which things that the student has learnt in theory or has encountered in practice. Also, the report must include a part discussing the scientific information that the students make use of it in his training. The report should clearly outline the responsibilities assigned to students, tools, methods worked with, and summary of experience gained.

The word limit is 3000-4000.

I’m attaching 3 periodic reports that tells what kind of tasks I have worked with, so the final report should reflect all these 3 reports but in details.

Information that you will need at chapter 1:

The company is called Arch Trading, Industry: Food & Beverages

Arch was founded by two young Saudi engineers who integrated their discipline into food. Each concept is being valued and created carefully without mimicking others. Arch has multi-disciplinary concepts with an eye of guest experience by providing the right ambience and food experience. Whatever people love about food, we aim to ensure they can trust us to source, make, distribute and market brands in a way that’s beneficial to them and the world we share

Restaurants they run: Fresh House, Naveena, Sharq, Tenderloin

Owners: Ahmed Al Ramadan, Mustafa Al Baqshi

I was working as an accountant at Fresh House, you will find more information here like the product & services

Number of employees: 60

The accounting information system used: Odoo

Information that you will need at chapter 2:

Who is my supervisor? Mohammed Al Ramadan, Senior Accountant

Other team members or co-workers: Mohammed Hashimi, IT specialist, I needed him when I was facing some difficulties with the information system used

Describe what kind of working documents and analysis you did there: I did Purchase analysis report, monthly progress analysis 


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