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SEU TEAM FUNs Reward Consists of Performance Based Rewards Case Study Questions

Answer 3 questions only of your choice from the questions listed at the end of the case. The response to each question should be no more than 150 words.

Post a brief response to 1 of your classmates’ Discussion Board posts on this topic, noting similarities or differences in your approach.

This is my friend’s post I want you to comment on:

q 2-

 The compensation system is a very important system for employees as it works to increase employee productivity and thus increase profits. One of the general objectives of compensation is to motivate employees, meet their needs, maintain outstanding employees at work, and also attract highly qualified employees.

In the new employees are selected in the same way that was used with the old employees and in the old ways. In addition, there are no rewards for employee performance, and the compensation rate is fixed and does not change, whether the company’s profits increase or not. So the compensation system in TEAM FUN  does not fulfill the general objectives of the compensation system.

q 3-

Suggestions that will improve the compensation system for TEAM FUN.

1- Appropriate compensation is determined on the basis of what competitors pay to employees, as well as the company’s profit rate.

2- The compensation shall depend on evaluating the performance of the employees, and through this the employee will give his best money to gain the best compensation.

3- The benefits gained must be commensurate with the motivating factors provided to the employees, as when the employees are highly motivated, it will produce very high benefits.

q 4-

One of the advantages of the compensation system that is excellent for this organization

  1. Compensation must meet the needs of employees and motivate them to give their best

2- Compensation should be commensurate with what the competitors offer and also proportional to the cost of living

3- Compensation should be based on employee performance appraisal.


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