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SFCC MatchMove Business Model Evolution Case Study

-Cases should be completed individually as content may vary from student to student; additionally, external source information should not be copied and pasted in your original document

-The Business Insights: Essential online database (Libguides) can be used to assist with obtaining information regarding companies both financial and annual reports

-Please use the outline provided in the content section under course resources; the areas represent section headers needed and where information should be placed; use this only

-Please use the document resources provided in the content section under course resources when needed to refresh knowledge regarding information provided in previous courses (the textbook can also be used to assist here as well)

-This is an analysis assignment; therefore, properly formatted paragraphs are expected for most sections

-A description of the content for each section of the case can be found at the end of the text

-At least two items are needed for each general environment trends/factors area

-A thoroughly discussed financial ratio (financial ratio examples provided at the end of the text) is needed for the internal section of the case as well; this would include identification of a ratio, the value of the ratio for the company, and what would be considered a good and bad value for the ratio to further determine financial stability for the company; no other financial information is needed

-Porter’s Five Force Model should be used to analyze the industry; high or low values should be identified and explained for each force and these values used to discuss whether the industry is attractive

-At least two items are needed for each SWOT area with an explanation regarding why the item was chosen

-At least two items are needed for the strategy formulation area including evaluation of each alternative. Strategy implementation area should provide specific details regarding how to implement chosen alternative and the changes in the roles of those individuals


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