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SFU Canadian Democracy and The Internet Era Research

1. Agree or disagree with the following statement: Canada is an “elective dictatorship”, in which elections occur but few constraints exist on government between them. Be sure to explain what in your view the statement refers to, and how one might evaluate it. •

2.What, if anything should be done with the Canadian Senate? Compare the status quo with at least one possible reform. You may also want to consider the feasibility of the change (though note that is a distinct question from the desirability of any given change). • 

3..Do you think Canada effectively regulates the role of money in politics? Be sure to include an account of how Canada currently approaches the issue, and consider any potential problems with it. •

4.Agree or disagree: Canadian democracy is more effective in the internet era. You may choose to focus on one particular set of effects, but be sure to be clear about the effects of changing information technology on Canadian governance institutions. • 

5.On balance, do you think Canada benefits from being a federation? Describe what you view as the chief advantages and challenges that result from Canada’s federal structure in your answer. • 

6.Agree or disagree: Canada is a just society. Indicate whether you agree with the statement (and why). Be sure to provide empirical evidence in your response. You may find it useful to focus on a particular subset of issues in your response. •

7.What do you think accounts for the ongoing changes to Canada’s party system since confederation? You may find it useful to focus on a particular subset of changes.

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