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Shapes of Stories Questions

I need support with this Writing question so I can learn better.

you will write a response include summary of the video and then a reaction and reflection or application to your writing. You can select from below ones: Dave Lieber: The power of the story. We don’t to hear about your high point; we want hear about your low point. 17 min

Storytelling in the digital age 15min

Show, Don’t tell 6 min

J.K. Rowling on failure (first 10 min)

Words, Not Ideas: How to Write a Book | Mattie Bamman | TEDxSpokane 12 min

A professional writer who also coaches other writers, helps us find ways to dust off our manuscript and finish that masterpiece that’s been calling our name from under those piles of aspirations. (Substitute “essay” each time he says “book.”

Pain & Art: Write What You Honestly Know | Ryan Gattis | TEDxChapmanU 19 min

(About being authentic/honest)

The mystery of storytelling: Julian Friedmann 19 min (An agent explains how to get published.)

17 min Using Story to explain and make your point.

Success, failure and the drive to keep creating | Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray Love) 7 min

(To write well, find your “home.”)

Write from jewel center outward—Kerouac

Kurt Vonnegut on the shapes of stories 4 min.

Look deeper. Keep Writing. 15 min every day: 15 min

Anne Lamott: 12 things I learned from writing. 16 min

The story transforms the teller: 17 min.

How I became an extreme writer. Respond by following the directions: make up a word, define it and use it in a short story. 7 min.

Writing is magic 10 min

How writing can change the world 16 min

How to write your own story 11 min

Author of The Kissing Booth currently on Netflix

Why you should write 14 min

The Power of your own story: 12 min. I’ll share a sample. It’ll be 300 words or so.


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