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Shawnee Community College Social Architecture of People of Color Discussion

The United States of America is a country full of many complexities. As a nation, we celebrate diversity yet call for a national identity.We boast of our individual rights just as long as they do not infringe on another’s rights.Sometimes, these complexities need social examination.Although several issues exist and many factors need to be considered, my question for you is: For your generation, which issue is the most significant?

First of all, I’m not asking you to articulate a “grand social contract.”I am asking you to do is to research and investigate what are the important issues to your generation and determine from your research which issue means more than any other. You must not only make accusations, but be prepared to back them up with your sources. You must argue for the validity of your assertions. Remember “significant” is a vague term.Significant for whom?College students?Not everyone in your generation is in college.Along with your argument, you must incorporate a rebuttal into this paper.For example, one important topic that shocked my generation was AIDS.The topic AIDS is too broad to discuss.How can I narrow it down?At first, AIDS was thought to have been a homosexual disease.Therefore, it would only affect a small population of the American people (my generation).But soon the “AIDS scare” began to spread.The disease turned up in heterosexual drug users then people who received contaminated blood, and then…you could not use the drinking fountain after someone who had AIDS, you couldn’t use the same restroom, you couldn’t touch the same door knob….you know….you see the topic today.So, I’m going to say that AIDS was the most significant issue facing my generation because of how it changed the way we communicate about diseases.

This essay will be worth 100 points. Evaluation will be based upon focus, development of ideas, creativity, introductions, organizations, and coherence. Secondly, I’ll look at punctuation, spelling, mechanics, and grammar. Please use TNR 12 pt font.


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