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Sinclair Community College The Pandemic Has Changed The Hospitality Industry Discussion

Class, the link below is to my most recent blog post..…


It’s a subject we would be discussing in the classroom. So let’s discuss it here.

Part 1: After you read the post. Write a 5 to 7 line paragraph opinion on the content.


Part 2: you must also give a reply of at least 4 sentences to another student’s topic. Your entries into this discussion must be thought out and meaningful. No small entries or statements like “I agree”. You must add to the conversation.


I agree with what was said in the blog post. Once we made our way over the big hump in the pandemic, people realized that they deserve better in the workplace. That can include better pay, better management, a healthy work environment, etc. Before, employees would either not return, or keep quiet and do their work. The pandemic showed that they can make a difference and that better opportunities are out there for them.

I also agree with the suggestions that were shared. For the first seasonal retail job, I had gone through several managers. One manager wanted us to start having meetings to go over things happening in the store and between the employees. It was a nice way to clear up issues between people and remind other employees that we need to treat others with respect, especially if they’re management. This manager also seemed very open and always said we could come to them if there were any issues. I feel this helped us keep a healthy work environment and have good connections between employees and management.

It’s so important to be open with your employees and other managers because that’s the only way people are going to tell you that issues are going on. Communicating and truly resolving issues will help you keep the environment happy and keep employees.

– Antonisha Grayson



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