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Skyline College Communication and Marginalized Cultures Discussion

The Forum Discussion will focus on all chapters (Parts I & II) of the Rios (2011) text. The forum will be available Monday at 12am until Sunday at 11:59pm. The Rios (2011) forum discussion has two parts: (1) your response to the reading and (2) responding to at least two of your classmate’s posts. (note: in order to participate in the forum, you must have updated your profile during weeks 1 & 2 of the semester)

In order to receive full-credit on this assignment you must:

  1. Submit a response that includes at least TWO well-developed paragraphs to the Rios reading by Thursday at 11:59 pm. Your response should demonstrate your understanding of the required reading (more details provided below).
  2. Read at least two of your classmate’s posts, and write at least a 3-4 sentence response to both. This is due by Sunday at 11:59 pm.
  3. Follow the participation guidelines below.
  4. Note: your response to the reading needs to be posted first and should not be submitted on the same day as your comments to your classmates’ posts

When writing your response to the reading, the following is required:

  • TWO well-developed paragraphs with at least 4 references to the Samovar AND Rios texts (paraphrase or direct quotes). You need at least 2 references from the Samovar text and at least 2 references from the Rios text.
  • All references to the Samovar and Rios texts need to be properly cited following APA.
  • Make sure to demonstrate your understanding of the reading. Therefore, your posts should be detailed and discuss specific examples from both texts.
  • Respond to one or several of the following questions/prompt:
  1. How does the Rios reading connect to the concepts we have read about in the Samovar text? Be specific.
  2. How can cultural marginalization influence our communication with others?
  3. What did you find interesting from the Rios reading and why?
  4. What did you find difficult to process when reflecting on the Rios reading? Explain.
  5. Based on your communication interactions and experiences with others, describe your reaction(s) to the Rios reading. Be specific.
  6. Discuss the solutions made by Rios in Part II of his text. Consider identifying and discussing key points that can help to improve racial marginalization.

To post, click “reply” below the student’s original post, write your response in the message box, and post reply.

Disruptive behavior, which includes the use of profane or vulgar language, will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the course (see the college catalog for expectations about classroom behavior and student conduct).

Forum Participation means that you honor your classmates and professor and by behaving in a professional manner. Here are some criteria for positive participation: raising good questions; effectively answering questions raised by students or the professor; facilitating during in-class exercises (encouraging less active members to participate; respond to a student’s posting that your classmates have yet participate in); and actively participating (for example, contributing ideas, explaining why your analysis applies course concepts appropriately, etc.).


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