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SMC Story of Your Life Using Feminist Criticism Theory Analysis

Mini Essay 4 (Due Week 5): Analyzing Story of Your Life with a critical theory


By successfully completing this assignment, you will show that you are able to “plan, write, and revise a well­ articulated essay” and critically analyze literature. In other words, this essay will help you demonstrate your mastery of the learning objectives of this course.


After reading all three of the critical theories and Story of Your Life, select any literary theory to use to analyze the novella. Use one of the questions from the Tyson book to help guide you as you write. They are available in the individual critical theory chapters as well as on the previous essay assignments.


  • Your paper should follow the traditional academic essay structure, containing an intro, body, and conclusion.
  • Your thesis should summarize the findings of your analysis, but if you struggle with a thesis, just leave it out. This isn’t an incredibly important part of this process.
  • You should assume your audience is familiar with deconstruction. Do NOT spend a lot of time explaining the concepts; just get into the analysis.
  • You must use direct textual evidence from Story of Your Life, and you may use one or two outside sources if you find it necessary. However, I expect that you can complete this assignment without much extra research.


This essay is graded on a Complete/Incomplete basis. A “Complete” grade means that you have met all of the requirements set out below:

  1. You have addressed the prompt thoroughly
  2. You use textual evidence to support your claims
  3. All sources are documented effectively (both in the Works Cited and in the body of the essay)
  4. Your writing is mechanically sound
    • You have eliminated surface errors such as typos and missing punctuation
    • You have separated your ideas into paragraphs effectively
    • The order of your ideas makes logical sense
    • You have written to an appropriate collegiate-level audience


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