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SNHU Geriatric Community Program Evaluation Plan DIscussion

Evaluation is the set of processes and methods that managers and stakeholders use to determine whether the program is successful. Success is determined by
multiple parameters such as financial viability of the program as well as the administrative and clinical impact of the program on the community’s or
organization’s mission. Today’s programs are also expected to proactively address healthcare disparities and inequities in all levels of communities and
demonstrate measureable reductions in inequities in diverse patient/client populations.
For this milestone, you will create an evaluation plan that will include the financial aspects of your proposed program as well as your evaluation methods. In your
submission, be sure to include the following:
ï‚· Financial Aspects
o What specific resources would you suggest for use in your program? For example, what staffing and equipment suggestions would you make?
Be sure to explain your rationale.
o What is the impact on the community’s or organization’s current budget? In other words, will the program fit into the existing budget, or will
concessions need to be made?
o What recommendations would you make for ensuring the program is financially sustainable? Are there measurable expense reductions for the
community/organization that cover the costs of the program? Does the program create new sources of revenue for the community or
organization to offset the costs of the program?
ï‚· Evaluation
o What will you measure (such as benchmarks, patient outcomes, or other measurable data) in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the program
implementation? Focus on both administrative and clinical measures. Include multiple levels of measurement, including the patients/clients
served, populations of patients/clients served, and community environmental measures.
o What tools will you use to measure the effect of your program on reducing the incidence of healthcare disparities?
o How will these evaluation tools tell you whether the program is successful?
o To what extent will the program help ensure healthcare equity across diverse populations? Be sure to justify your reasoning.


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