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SNHU My Programming Experience Python in Context Discussion

Reflect on your work in the whole course, considering all the different aspects of programming in Python that you’ve learned. How can Python be applied to solve real-world problems? You may need to do a little research to find some interesting applications. Be sure to include citations, in APA format, for any resources that you use.

In your initial post, address the following:

  • What was your experience level with programming when you started the course?
  • How has your comfort level with programming changed as a result of this course?
  • What was the most challenging activity?
  • What is an interesting way that Python is used to solve a real-world problem?
  • What are your goals with programming?
  • What additional skills would you like to acquire?

In responding to your classmates, compare and contrast your posts.

  • What did you find interesting or relatable in your peers’ posts?
  • Based on what you have written in your response post, consider sharing an interesting website or article related to Python.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric.



I had very little programming experience when I first started this course. After taking a bonafied programming course, however, I begin to look at the world very differently. Every computer, program, game, automated function, I start imagining what the code would look like (in python) and when I come across a challenge or necessary task, I think about how I would design a program that would fix it. This course not only made me a better programmer, but a better end user as well. I started thinking about a program that I could write that would detect if I had certain software running, (my stream software) it would terminate other programs that I don’t want running while I stream. This could be really useful and likely wouldn’t use many resources. I’m very comfortable with programming now and I am very excited to see what I do with it. The most challenging activities for me were the defining functions, and the final project at first, but once I got in the groove I had it down. I originally didn’t have any goals in particular with this class, it was just a course needed for my degree but now I think I may want to be a software developer, and I’d like to learn a few new languages as well as polish and refine my python.



At the start of this course my experience level with programming was nonexistent. I knew nothing about programming, and was extremely nervous to learn. I have never been good with technology, so taking this class was completely out of my comfort zone. Throughout this class, my comfort and understanding of programming has increased by such a crazy amount. It honestly feels shocking thinking back on how nervous I was before the first week started. I definitely have trouble with coding in Pycharm still but my skills have progressed so much from before.

Through this course, one of the most difficult challenges was understanding some of the material in the written sections. Occasionally when reading the material, before the participation activities, I did not understand the new function or way to use a function until I saw the visuals of each concept. Seeing the use of Python for video games and even GUI applications for some departments at the VA Medical Centers. At the VAMC, Python is used to generate purchase orders for veterans and it’s interesting to see how my mom’s work applies to my current course. But my particular interest is in video games, so learning about the games made with Python has been pretty cool to see too. My goal with programming is to possibly create a small game in order to practice and learn more about the process of video games. To further my knowledge of creating video games, I am also interested in learning something like C++, but that is even further out of my comfort zone.


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