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SNHU Peer Data Visualization Clarifies the Data Discussion

By creating my visual data of the products that were being sold, it showed me that during the month of January the Sopapillas out sold every other product by at least $22,000. It also shows that the Boldo Tea and Chocolade are not very popular as they had overall the lowest sales over the course of the 4 months. This is actually very helpful for managers and business owners as it enlightens them on where they can make changes or even eliminate a product based on how much it is sold. It shows that March was the best sale month for Empanadas, Queso Fresco, and Carne Assada. The Guava Bar seemed to gain popularity as the sales for that product increased over the four month period.

The graph I chose to use for my visual representation of the data was a clustered column chart. I chose this chart because there were only 4 months that needed to be analyzed so there were only going to be 4 columns lined up next to each for comparisons. It makes it easy to see trends and what products sold more in that given month. “Charts are perfect for comparing one or many value sets, and they can easily show the low and high values in the data sets” (Soomo, pg. 4.2). The column chart is beneficial in showing the data and how each product performed.

I am not sure if I would change my presentation. I think that my visual representation of the data is clear and precise and clearly shows trends. I incorporated information at the bottom of the graph to show the actual amounts for each product as you do not clearly get that information from just looking at the graph. But I think that helps the graph to really tell its story and that would be the most important. “When narrative is coupled with data, it helps to explain to your audience what’s happening in the data and why a particular insight is important. When visuals are applied to data, they can enlighten the audience to insights that they wouldn’t see without charts or graphs. Many interesting patterns and outliers in the data would remain hidden in the rows and columns of data tables without the help of data visualizations” (Soomo, pg. 4.4).

I need you to respond to the post above with this question “Do you think your peer’s data visualization clarifies the data or makes it more confusing? Why and how so?”.


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