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SNHU Some of The Challenges that Exist Every Day Discussion

Read this quote by James Baldwin:

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

Discuss your reaction to this statement. Describe a scenario from your work with a client where this statement has proven true (no names or identifying information to maintain client confidentiality).

If you do not work in the field yet, describe a scenario from your own experience or someone in your family where this statement has proven to be true. Remember to be respectful of others’ stories and refrain from using names or identifying information here either. (I don’t want to meet your sister and know all her business without her permission, and I’ll bet she wouldn’t want that either.)

Respond to 2 of your class colleagues posts below:

student one:

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

I like the spin of the words and their is a bit of attention drawn into seeing (facing) wrongs or bad laws, or poor human behavior. The quote reminds us that we cannot change everything, and, that there is only the possibility of changing things once they are brought into our attention.

African-Americans, not being able to vote, for example, was once ‘faced’ as an issue and because it was looked at, observed and given approval this ‘something faced’, became ‘something changed.

The example that I can relate to is smoking. In our companies treatment Phase I facility smoking was permitted outside. In my transition house the rules are that smoking is prohibited. After comparisons were made we decided that we, too, at my transition house, would allow for the staff and clients to smoke outside.

student two:

I have not began to work in the human service field dealing with a client base but I have experienced this in my daily customer service job. I recently came into a position of being in a managerial title and had a interaction with a close minded guest in my opinion at my job. There was an exchange of words to where the guest had become rude & I had to learn in that moment how to deal with challenging people in a professional way. If that man would have never gotten me into that situations I wouldn’t know how to react. It took me being faced with a difficult time being a fresh new manager I would be naive.


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