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SOC 101 SDSU Culture and Beliefs Important Aspects of An Individual Essay

My Culture  For this essay you will have an opportunity to share your culture! As stated before, it is really difficult to see our own culture. In this chapter you learned what culture is, the different components of culture and how it shapes who you are.  Take time to think about what you do, how you do it, why you do it on a daily basis. As all of that you do is part of your culture.  You may want to go around your home, look at pictures, objects in your home, you may also need to talk to your family about your culture if you need to. Please follow the following format to write your essay.    Culture Essay Format  Introduction  My Culture. How do you define your culture? (American, Mexican, Chinese-American, Californian, Calexican, Chicano, etc…) Provide a brief historical background on your culture. Body
  2. Components of my Culture  Identify and describe five material cultural elements from your culture. You will need to describe each in detail and address the following questions: What does the material element symbolize in your culture? How and/or when is this material element use?  Identify and describe five non-material cultural elements from your culture. You will need to describe each in detail and address the following questions: What does this non-material element represent for your culture? What does this element communicate, represent, encourage? Why is it important to your culture? Make sure to provide as much detail as possible for each symbol. For example, if you use the “image of the Virgen of Guadalupe” or Virgin Mary image. Describe, what does the image represent for your culture.  Why is it important in your culture?  If you use celebrations, what does the celebration celebrate? When, how, who? The more detail the better. You may attach small pictures at the end of your essay. Conclusion
 3. How My Culture Shapes who I am.  What did you learn about YOUR culture? Explain how your culture influence what you do, the decision you make, your goals, how you dress, etc.. What would you like the rest of society to know about your culture that they may not know, may have wrong, or you just feel really proud of?


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