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Social Media Communication Report

Communication campaigns are rarely ‘off the cuff’ ventures and require careful planning and execution to ensure they rise above social media noise and attract genuine engagement with the audience. They are a combination of key message(s), content creation, distribution across multiple social media platforms, a focus on content shareability, with a view to encourage organic user engagement.

The social media project for this unit is designed to replicate a real world social media campaign that would accompany a social movement or issue. You will create a social media campaign that supports a social issue.

This assignment includes three parts: 

Engagement Strategy – Please follow the template provided to describe the overall purpose of this social media campaign (approximately 1500 words).

Content Calendar – a comprehensive two-week calendar that clearly describes what content will be created, when it will be published and on which platforms.

Content Creation – create one week’s worth of content to align with your content calendar.


As the producer of this project, you will need to consider the numerous roles that generally create social media campaigns, for example:

Head of Social

Social Media Content Creator and Curator

Social Media Community Manager

Social Media Analyst

Social Media Graphic Designer/Video Editor

You will design the overall project but also undertake the tasks of each role to fulfil this project.

During the first few weeks of the unit, you will identify a social issue that you are interested in which will form the basis for this assignment. To successfully complete this project, you are required to have identified your target audience and propose how you will engage them in the social issue campaign. It should be well thought out, astutely designed, expertly crafted and be of high industry standard.

You have a budget of zero, you cannot use prizes, and influencers cannot be paid so they will need to be strategically selected for their close alignment with the client goals.


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