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SOCW 4001 WU Getting Help the Process TANF Recipients Living with Disabilities Essay

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Getting Help: The Process

Dicussion 1(A)The process of applying for aid can be daunting, demoralizing, terrifying, embarrassing, and difficult for many persons. A job change, health incident, accident, or death can change a family’s income. With a change in income, many families come to the realization that they will need additional help. Since states have the flexibility to determine services and eligibility requirements, aid to families may not be the same from state to state. The application for TANF is different, as well. For this Discussion, you complete an exercise in applying for TANF in the state in which you reside.

  • Imagine that you are applying for TANF in your state.
  • Visit your state agency’s website that will process TANF applications.


  • Explain the relevance of the TANF application questions.
  • Explain your reaction to answering such questions.
  • Recommend one question that could be included on the TANF application and explain why.
  • Recommend one question that you feel could be deleted from the application and explain why.
  • Health Care Provision and Financing

    Dicussion 1(b) After the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, many policymakers and the public criticized its provision and financing. Few policies are deemed perfect—most policies in the U.S. are the result of compromise, and thus there are often aspects of social policy that can be improved.As social workers, you encounter ethical dilemmas often, if not daily. Policy analysis and advocacy is no different. In this Discussion, you consider at least one ethical dilemma in health care as well as a pro and con inherent in the dilemma you’ve shared.


    • Describe one ethical dilemma in health care provision and financing.
    • Describe one pro and one con inherent in this dilemma.
    • Offer one suggestion for how the con position could be overcome to provide a positive, ethical outcome..


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