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SOCY 100 Montgomery College The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy Paper


Write a 2-4 FULL PAGE paper summarizing, analyzing, and responding to the assigned article. This assignment must be typed. Single or double-spaced. The font must be 12 or 11pt. The heading of your paper should be on the top left of the first page (you do not need a title page) and should look like the following (please do not add anything else to your heading and single space your heading):

First and Last Name
Date the paper is due
SOCY 100 – Reflection Memo #__


The first half of the paper should be a concise summary of the essay—an attempt to convey in your own words the main thrust of the piece. Stay as close as possible to the text; you may occasionally quote the author’s words to tie both you and your reader to the original text. In this part of the paper, your aim is to hand over to your reader your understanding of WHAT the text actually says or means. Phrases such as “Smith notes/says/states,” “According to Smith,” and “for Smith, the solution appears to be” will help you designate intellectual property. You will not have room to cover all the points the author makes. Therefore, you will need to zero in on what you consider to be the main point(s). This portion of the assignment should focus on the author’s thoughts.


The second half of the paper should be your response to the essay, or your reaction to what you have read. Here, your aim is to hand over to your reader your response to what the text says or means to you. Feel free to include personal experience, to explain your thoughts. You will want to make connections with readings/modules or discussions from this class to make a well- informed analysis. This section may place the essay in a larger context, apply its ideas to another situation, associate it with other familiar material, or describe or define its terms from your own perspective. This portion of the assignment should focus on your thoughts in light of what you are learning in the class.


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