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SOCY 2077 University of Colorado Boulder Racist Policing of Public Space Discussion

Hi, this is for upper division sociology class, the idea of this paper is to write an essay for the six topics below in the instruction given by the instructor. For six of them you have to address the task from A to E mentioned in the instruction. I have attached a class material like reading pdf and lecture pdf which you can use to support your idea but the citation must not replace your word which means use your word 90% of the time, don’t use external sources other than the one I have attached. It’s a 4000 – 6000 word total but you can proportionally share the number of words for the six topics as you like it.

Instruction by the instructor

This semester, we have studied some of the major social structures that produce and reinforce environmental crises. Following the instructions below, write one essay about each of the following structures. (So, you will write a total of 6 essays.)

1.Neoliberalism (35 points)

2.Settler colonialism (35 points)

3.Green gentrification (45 points)

4.Racially restrictive covenants or redlining (choose one) (45 points)

5.Risk assessment (45 points)

6.Racist policing of public space (45 points)

In each essay, do all of the following tasks:

A.Define and describe this structure, specifying its key forms and key actors involved;


B.explain how it contributes to environmental crises in general and/or

environmental inequalities in particular;


C.describe one approach to social change through which individuals or groups of people try to challenge this structure;


D. specify whether you find this approach to social change (the one you described in part C) problematic, valuable, or both, and explain why; and


E.cite and meaningfully engage with at least two required course readings.

At the top of each essay, use a heading that specifies its content (for example, “Neoliberalism” or “Settler colonialism”).

You are free to refer to lecture notes, assigned readings, handouts, and other class content while preparing and finalizing your essay.

Be sure to read and follow the instructions very carefully. Each essay will be graded according to how well it demonstrates your comprehension of the course material. Therefore, be sure to cite any obviously relevant course material.


Your essay will also be graded according to how clearly you articulate your responses. Your essay should be carefully written, coherently organized, professionally composed, and thoroughly proofread. Take the time to draft responses, revise them, and polish them. Strive to be direct and concise. Responses that are sloppy, vague, or incoherent will lose points. Your responses must be complete sentences and in essay form (not bullet points of sentence fragments).

If you decide to use direct quotations from the readings, do so sparingly, and do not allow quotations to replace your own statements. You must articulate your responses in your own words. As with all other assignments this semester and as with all work you do at CU, plagiarism is a violation of university policy and will not be tolerated. If you have questions about this, contact us. You do not need to include a separate references list for this exam, but you do need to include in-text citations, such as: (Andrews 1999) or (lecture 10/18/11).

In total, your responses should take up approximately 4000-6000 words. That said, the length of your responses is much less important than their content and coherence.

Thank you!!!


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