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Software Design Specification & Verification Test Plan Report

This is group project. My part is doing unit test, and System Test. Our unit tests should cover a single function or use within a class Integration tests will include use of multiple System test is all of our tests that include all possible use cases

In this assignment your group will outline a test plan for your software system you designed in Assignment 2, and add it to your Software Design Specification document. If necessary, you should update your original Software Design Specification with a new class diagram. The assignment is a continuation of your group project, meaning there is only one turning required per group, and you will continue with the same group and software system you have been working on for Assignment 2. The submission should be a link to a single document (txt, pdf, md) on your github repository containing all required contents. The required contents are detailed below. Do not make changes to your repository after the due date — if any changes are made after the due date, the late policy will come into effect for the entire assignment.

Note: to receive credit for the assignment, each group member must push atleast one commit to the github repository.

Software Design Specification: This is an up-to-date version of your Software Architecture Overview (UML Class Diagram + description) from Assignment 2. If you feel that your design could use further improvements, feel free to make additional changes.

Verification Test Plan: This section lays out test plans for verification. You are required to include tests for all three granularities discussed in class (unit, functional, system). Be as detailed as possible, identifying which sections of your design you are testing, what the test sets/vectors are, etc. (Hint: use or modify your design diagram to indicate the target and scope of the tests, what kind of failures you are covering, etc.). Feel free to use any methods discussed in class.


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