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Read the blog entries titled “Freakonomics Blog.” Then respond to the question posted on this forum.

1) The authors of “Religiosity: Good for Society, Bad for Innovation?” apply regression analysis to a study of religion and innovation. What relationship do they find between religion and innovation? What theories do you have about why they find this result?

2) In “Does the Absence of Cash Help Cut Crime?” the researchers found that the EBT program had a “negative and significant effect on the overall crime rate”. Can you describe another example of a technological innovation which would show a negative effect on crime rates?

3) Refer to “The Inefficiency of Long Hours”. Does a culture of “overwork” exist at your firm or in your industry? Relate the concept of overwork to diminishing marginal returns.

Answer using the following format: 1)…… 2)…….3)……


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