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Swap spreads: Assume the following term structure of risky and riskless interest rates (all rates are annually compounded, annual rates): Year Riskless (%) Risky (%) 1 6.91 7.33 2 7.00 7.40 3 7.15 7.59 4 7.22 7.63 5 7.29 7.70 6 7.33 7.75 7 7.35 7.79 8 7.38 7.85 9 7.40 7.90 10 7.40 7.93 Further assume that securities (zero-coupon bonds) for both types exist and can be bought or sold short at these rates. (a) Compute the 1–year forward rates between each maturity for both term-structures. (b) Swap 1 is a 10–year fixed-for-floating swap for riskless counterparties using the riskless 1–year floating rate, and swap 2 is a 10-year fixed–for–floating swap for risky counterparties using the risky 1–year floating rate. Compute the swap spread for swap 2. Note that The swap spread for a swap contract is its swap rate minus the riskless swap rate. So you need to compute the fair (par)rates for both swaps


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