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SOSC 1185 McMaster University Impacts of the Second Wave of Feminism Paper & Literature Review

Research Question: You focus on an academic question. Start with the research question! (the research question is already have, so you do not have to start a new one.)

Literature Review: Find five peer-reviewed academic articles on the OMNI library website at YorkU and sort them by relevance for your topic. Write a paragraph for each article and discuss how they connect to the topic you have chosen to write on. Make a reference list using APA style.

Your Topic is Relevant and you have the correct Word Count: The system gives us your word count, but I need to see that you understand that issue. Your chosen topic is relevant to our course; you did your best to stay within a 2000 word limit, including your cover page and reference list.

Your Reference Style is Consistent: Please choose and adhere to APA. A style guide can be found in the library resources linked on your learning platform; at least five relevant, academic, peer-reviewed, scholarly articles are listed. Never cite the URL of a password protected site (only open access).

Grammar / Style: No grammar mistakes preferred. Please carefully edit your work several times, be your best professional self, use the writing center (linked on the course page). Also: No intensifiers, please (e.g., ‘immensely, incredibly, totally, weird, super’ etc.).

Logic / Reasoning (20%): You carefully reason and don’t stitch thoughts together haphazardly or skip explanations. You follow a line of thought in logical steps. You cautiously consider what to write before you put it in writing. You are writing for a professional audience. Edit your outline at least 20 times before you upload it.

The essay is already have a draft, what you need to do is to add it according to the requirements of the part marked with the horizontal line above. Draft essay, draft outline, essay template and reading list material is attached below


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