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South California Child Care Housing Services & Mental Health Service Paper

You will need to find and identify ten free  cost or almost free resources serving children and families in the community or city where you live (or within five miles from the city where you live)

If you live in Los Angeles County you might want to use the following link to search for free resources in the community where you live. Search can be done by city or zip code

211 Los Angeles  (Links to an external site.)

If you live outside of Los Angeles County, you will need to research the information online focusing in the community where you live.

Your final work should show a total of 10 agencies within 5 different categories( 2 different agencies per category)

Start doing your  search by category :

  1. Child Care services ( free or  very low cost) 2 agencies 
  2. Housing services (shelters, low income housing, etc.( free or  very low cost) 2 agencies 
  3. Mental Health service ( free or  very low cost) 2 agencies 
  4. After School programs( free or  very low cost) 2 agencies 
  5. Health services ( free or  very low cost) 2 agencies 

Your 10 resources need to be within the same community, otherwise you will be missing many final points. 

Once you identified the 10 resources, complete and answer the following 8 sections for each of your 10 resources located in the same community where you live. Remember, two different agencies per category will need to be researched.

5 CATEGORIES: Child care, Housing, Mental health, After school/tutoring, Health/Dental/Vision:

  1. Category from above:
  2. Name of Agency/Facility:
  3. Address:
  4. Phone Number:
  5. Description of program (population served, ages, service area)
  6. Description of Services Available:
  7. Languages Spoken:
  8. Free or Any VERY Low Fees. Explain ( how to qualify, cost)Type the content and save it as a pdf document before you submit it to me ONLINE via CANVAS. Do not copy and paste information from websites. Use your own words, if you don’t answer all the questions, you will be missing final points.


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