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South University Online Program Design and Budget AI Integration Paper

Assignment #3:Program Design and Budget

Part 1: Program Design 

As with each of the other assignments, this section requires a good deal of thoughtful and careful planning. Based on the program hypothesis, goal, objectives, and activities, you will need to describe the program that has been developed, but keep in mind the data to be collected as you create the flow. This section should include the following content:

1. Introduction

As with the previous sections, begin with a paragraph that discusses what will be  covered in this section. Plan to write this introduction after you have completed  the rest of the assignment.

2. Program Components

This sub-section should be written in narrative form and describe the program components that will meet the need of your target population. The elements should be organized around the basic components noted in chapters read to this unit:  Inputs, Throughputs, Outputs, and Outcomes.

List variables to be used under the headings of clients, staff, material resources, facilities, and equipment (inputs)

Identify all services to be provided, and include a one-sentence service definition for each. List relevant service tasks and methods of intervention for each service (throughput).

List and define units of service for each service to be provided (intermediate output).

Define a service completion for each service to be provided (final output).

List intermediate outcomes for each service being provided.

List final outcomes.

3. Client Flow Chart (Optional but beneficial)

Develop a client flow chart that depicts client flow from entry to termination. Use  appropriate flow chart symbols.  Include a narrative chart that identifies process  number and title, and describes expected procedures at each step.


Adapted from Kettner, Moroney, & Martin – Designing and Managing Programs:  An Effectiveness-Based Approach, 5e

Part 2:  Budget

In this section, you will prepare a budget for your program plan.  Your program design forms the basis for your budget. Taking into consideration the factors addressed in Chapters 10 and 11, you will identify the line items needed to cover all expenses associated with your programs. You will then prepare the budget in a way that you can provide the financial data needed to determine cost-efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This assignment should include the following sections:

Line Item Budget

Using the format presented in Chapter 11, prepare a line item budget, making sure  that you identify line items that account for all expenditures, and that each  expenditure fits into one and only one line item.  Attach a budget justification  sheet in which you define each line item and explain how the dollar figure used  was calculated.

One additional column will always be needed for indirect costs. Allocate the total amount for each line item across programs and the indirect cost column in a way that the sum for that item is the same as that in the line item budget. 

Select one of the cost allocation formulas discussed in Chapter 11, (Total Direct Cost Methodology, Direct Labor Costs Methodology, Direct Labor Hours Methodology, or Direct Costing Methodology) and use this formula to allocate indirect costs back into programs. Include one paragraph explaining which method you have used and why; place above the budget visual.


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