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South University Tampa Addressing Stress in Diverse Teams Discussion Worksheet

The Impact of Stress on Work Teams


Few trends have influenced how work gets done in organizations as much as the use of work teams. The shift from working alone to working on teams requires employees to cooperate with others, share information, confront differences, and sublimate personal interests for the greater good of the team. Managers can build effective teams by understanding what influences performance and satisfaction.

In today’s business environment, diversity among team members adds another dimension. In interdepartmental, global, or cross-functional teams, differences may come from differing viewpoints about business processes. Many differences arise from utilizing different processes used to reach the same outcome.


For this assignment, focus on the ways in which diversity in team composition can affect the stress in team environments. In addition to your unit readings, identify two additional sources from the Internet and one additional source from the Capella library that address the management of stress in work teams. Your goal is to find resources that give tips on resolving stress in the team either internally or with the assistance of a manager. See the Resources for tools to help you with this process.

  • Submit your 3 sources in the format of a table showing the complete and correct APA format.
  • Submit a second table suggesting 2 stress relief tips from each article.
  • Conclude with a page (at least one a paragraph, 5–8 sentences) summarizing what you see as the most important challenges to be addressed in managing diverse teams and team stress.
  • Tip: Format your paper using tables that address the points above.

    Your assignment will be scored on the following criteria:

    1.Explain benefits and drawbacks or challenges of using diverse teams.

    2.Describe the impact of ethnic, cultural, and racial diversity on work teams.

    3.Apply Internet search skills and credit sources to locate specific information.

    4.Communicate using appropriate spelling, grammar, usage, and mechanics.

    Refer to the Impact of Stress on Work Teams Scoring Guide to ensure that your work meets the grading criteria for this assignment.


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