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Southern New Hampshire University Facebook Privacy Case Study


In this module, you have learned about contemporary privacy concerns in a global economy. As an IT professional, you will make ethical decisions based on organizational and legal parameters. Being aware of current events that involve the ethics of privacy can inform your decision making. If you’re in a position to advocate for a system requirement that involves privacy and/or compliance, you could refer to a historic example of an IT system that did or did not consider ethics. Learning about at least one event involving privacy and IT can help you advocate for ethical system requirements.


Research a current event related to privacy issues in information technology, and find an article about it. You will want to search for an event that happened within the past 10 years. It is recommended that you search for an article using the Shapiro Library, but you are not required to.

You can search for a current event by using the A–Z databases page. If you explore a database on this list, you probably should search for a specific event instead of general topics.

Some databases that may be helpful to you include:

  • Academic OneFile – Gale
  • AccessScience
  • Business Insights: Global – Gale
  • Computing Database – ProQuest
  • Gartner
  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
  • SAGE Knowledge: Business Cases
  • Telecommunications Database – ProQuest

If you are having difficulty navigating the Shapiro Library, please contact a librarian. You can chat with a librarian 24/7, and email or call a librarian. The library’s contact information can be found on the main page of its website.

Since academic publications can be outdated, you may prefer to search for a current event through a credible online news site. Here are some credible news sites that can help you in your search:

If you need some guidance to find an event that relates to IT privacy issues, some of these topics may help you search:

  • Data collected through the internet of things
  • Traffic monitoring cameras
  • Mass surveillance
  • Body cameras on police officers
  • Data collected on social media networking sites
  • Privacy on a cloud

To complete this activity:

  • Find a credible resource that discusses a current event on privacy issues and information technology
  • Write a 1- to 2-page paper that includes:
    • A short summary of the event to explain how it relates to the concepts in this course
    • Your personal reflection on the event. In your reflection, you can choose to answer these questions (if they’re applicable):
      • What ethical decision making did or did not occur?
      • What impact did the event have?
      • What could have been documented in the system requirements?
      • If you were an IT professional involved with the event, what would you have done?
      • What caused the event to happen?
      • What could have been done differently?
      • How will this event influence global conversations on privacy issues?


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