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Southern New Hampshire University Mobile Interface Design


So far in this course, you have explored many different mobile app  examples, all of which have differed greatly from one another. Now that  you have a stronger understanding of how this variance is underpinned by  standard design best practices, you will start to explore tactics you  would use to create your own mobile app UI.

In this assignment, you will select an app screen to re-create. This  can be from an app you have already analyzed in this course, another app  you are familiar with using, or a completely new app you found via  research. Then, you will determine what you would change on the screen  based on the understanding you have cultivated throughout this course  regarding design best practices and translating the needs of users.


Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  • Design a user interface for a mobile app screen. On paper, or using a software of your choice (such as Microsoft PowerPoint), redesign one  screen for a mobile app. The way you illustrate the design can be  simple but it must include all the necessary elements for a user to  complete the primary tasks the screen was designed for. However, the  features you include should not necessarily be the same. Only the  overall goal that addresses user needs must be maintained. While  designing, you must do the following: 
    • Include relevant features such as navigation components or information components.
    • Label every component and describe them, along with any data they collect or interact with.
    • Indicate which elements on the screen are interactive.
  • Apply mobile app UI design best practices. Be sure  you continue to reference the Android Developers – Design for Android  guidelines, linked in the Resources section of this module, as you work  on your UI design. These are very comprehensive but it is important to  use them in all aspects of design.
  • Justify your design decisions. Explain why you  chose to make the UI design updates that you did for your creation. Your  reasons should be user-driven and compatible with the Design for  Android guidelines. Comment on any new features you introduced or any  challenging areas you overcame with creative solutions.


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