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Southern Union State Community College Sand Salt Iron lab Report

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2) The lab has been recorded as the directions that follow: Wear your goggles. Place the empty weighing boat (1) on the balance and record its mass. Pick up the weighing boat (2) with the sample mixture and hold its left lip over the center of the empty weighing boat (1). Press “p” to dump the sample into the empty weighing boat (1). Record the combined weighing boat (1) and samples mass. Return the weighing boat (1) to the table.

3) Mass the empty boat (2) and record its value. To the right is a strong magnet contained in a plastic bag. Pick up the bag and move the magnet end around in the sample you massed in step #1. The magnet will pick up any iron found in the sample and appear as a brown coating on the outside of the bag. Move the bag over to the empty weighing boat (2) and hold it centered and above the boat. Press “p” to move the magnet up within the bag which will cause the iron to fall from the outside of the bag and into the empty boat. Mass the weighing boat (2) and the newly collected iron and record. Place the weighing boat (2) containing iron to the side, you will not need them anymore.

4) Pick up filter paper cone, place it on the balance and record its mass. Place the filter paper cone in the funnel hanging from the ring stand on the left of the screen. Pick up weighing boat (1), that contains what is left of your sample, and hold the left lip centered over the filter paper now in place. Press “p” to pour your sample into the filter paper.

5) Mass the beaker and record its value. Place the beaker directly under the filter paper on the table. Pick up the water bottle and hold the spout centered above the filter paper. Press “p” 4 times squirting a quantity of water into the filter paper. Set the water bottle down and wait for the water to drain through the filter paper and into the beaker. Since salt is soluble in water, the water you just added to the filter paper and sample will dissolve in the water, pass through the filter paper and collect in the beaker as a solution. The sand which is not soluble in water will collect in the filter paper.

6) Place the beaker and salt water you just collected on the hot plate. Here the water will evaporate and leave the salt behind within the beaker. Once the water has been removed, set the hot beaker on the table. The table is heat resistant and will allow the beaker to cool. Place the beaker containing salt on the balance and record their combined mass. Set the beaker aside, you will not need it anymore.

7) Place the evaporating dish on the hot plate. Pick up the wet filter paper containing sand and drop it into the evaporating dish. The evaporating dish will modify the heat of the hot plate and allow the water to evaporate without burning the filter paper. Place the now dry filter paper on the balance and record the combined mass of filter paper and sand. The paper has a low density and will not harm the balance after heating.

8) Record and calculate the values asked for on the lab sheet


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