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SOUTHWEST 440 Essential Role in Josie Kings Death Discussion

For this discussion, please read Cox chapters 21 & 22. Watch the video on IHI, What Happened to Josie? Finally, read the case study from When Things Go Bad. (both links are below for your convenience)

Answer these questions for your initial posting:

  1. What factors contributed or may have contributed to Josie King’s death?
  2. Using the table from Cox, page 267, what liability risk/s were involved in this story? How could they have been avoided? How could Josie’s death have been prevented?
  3. Review the ANA Standards of Professional Performance titled Ethics (standard 7). Identify at least one standard that would direct how you would have responded if you had been a nurse on duty.
  4. Compare the Josie King story and the case study about Dr. Smith. How could things have been mitigated differently following Josie’s death?
  5. After hearing about Josie’s death, many students experience feelings of anger, outrage, or sadness over health care worker’s errors. Sorrel King said her anger propelled her forward to positive action. How can this story positively impact your future practice in nursing?

Include at least two citations and references in your initial discussion posting. One of the citations should be from the weekly class readings. Use APA format (intext citations and reference list). Respond to a minimum of two other classmates regarding their post. Your responses to peers should be substantial. Substantial postings are more than just saying “I agree.” Substantial postings add to the point made, provide more information, ask a probing question, or share an experience. See the discussion grading rubric.

See course calendar for due dates.

Please write or paste your posting in the discussion box instead of attaching it in a document. Thanks!

What Happened to Josie? From IHI Open School.

Harvard Hospitals. (2006). When things go wrong: Responding to adverse events. Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors

pg 28,29.


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