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St Cloud State University Diversity Social Justice Discussion

Do in text-Citation

In MLA Format, type your responses to the following prompts. Provide as much detail,
explanation, or examples as you can.

What Will You Do? Social justice requires more than just theory/discussion; it requires action.
Research Area: We learned what it means to be an ally and an advocate.

ï‚· Define the terms ally and advocate as we have used them in class.

ï‚· Research and provide at least one example of a person who is ally (it can be an example
for any –ism). I have provided a list of allies in D2L. You can use the list as a starting
point or start your own.

1) Tell me who the ally is/was.

2)What –ism is/was that person an ally with and

3) What the ally does/did to support the oppressed group.

4) Provide proper MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited page at the end of your assignment

No research needed for this part !! and For the (-ism) chose Racism.

Specific Plan (no research required) Based on the readings and classroom activities from the
semester, brainstorm one realistic action you could take as an ally or an advocate to challenge
one socially constructed privilege/assist a target group in striving for equality. Explain the action
in detail. Note: Since this is personal, you will not have to research this area. However, I want
specific details and goal(s) that are realistic.

 What is the oppression that you would be willing to address (what –ism)? You cannot put
“all –isms.” I’m looking for specific details. Based on your social identity marker, tell me
if you would be an ally or an advocate for this group?

ï‚· What would you be willing to do (your goal)?

ï‚· What are the steps that you could take to achieve the goal?

ï‚· What are the obstacles that you might face?

ï‚· How could you overcome those obstacles?


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