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St. Petersburg College African Americans in Florida Presentation

COVID 19 and Vulnerable Populations in My Community

For this assignment, put yourself in the role of a community health worker (CHW) or community outreach worker for an agency that serves vulnerable populations in your community.  Imagine that your community has been overwhelmed by the COVID 19 pandemic and there is great concern that many of the community’s vulnerable citizens do not understand the seriousness of the virus, the risk to their health or the resources available to assist them. Your agency has been charged with the responsibility for reaching out to hard to reach, vulnerable/at risk citizens in the community to provide education about COVID 19 and the resources available to assist them.  Your employer has engaged a number of volunteers to go into the community to provide educational and referral information to a number of the most at risk, vulnerable groups.  To prepare them for this task, the agency has scheduled a day-long workshop/training for all volunteers.  Your boss has assigned each CHW and Outreach Worker in the agency the task of choosing one at risk population and developing a brief ppt. presentation (8-10 slides, not counting Title Slide and References slide) regarding the chosen vulnerable population.  You will have to choose your information carefully as you will only have about 8 minutes to present your slides. 

Carefully consider what the volunteers will need to know in order to reach out to the specific vulnerable population that they will be assigned.  For example, what makes their group vulnerable? What challenges and barriers in the community do they face? Specifically, how are they at greater risk from the pandemic? What information about COVID do they need to know (you will need to prioritize this based on what is most important to the particular group)? What resources are available to assist them/do they have access to?  What is the one best practice piece of advice you would share with them about how to approach their vulnerable group and how to communicate with them?


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